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First Impressions can make or break a business meeting, your clients should feel welcome the moment they arrive at your planned function. Our staff at American Valet Company are well suited to making excellent and amiable impressions.

American Valet Company believes that in making your function our personal goal, we create the ideal environment for your clients to feel wanted and settled. We do this by:

• Staffing your occasion with our well trained and professional employees, fully uniformed and ready to go

•Going over your event location

•Help organize and prep for your event

•Inform you of all costs and provide you with an estimate

•Provide you with our company insurance claim

We believe in starting and finishing strong.  American Valet Company occasion management employees will give you the assurance that your clients will be treated like honored guests from beginning to end… first impressions matter, but the final encounter closes the deal.



Casino Services

Give your clients the attention and respect they deserve as valued supporters of your casino. Through hour valet, shuttle and other services, we guarantee your clients get excellent service each encounter they visit. Through our efficient use of your parking space and resources, your casino will receive the benefits of positive customer reviews

Benefits of Partnering with American Valet Company

  • Well trained staff ready to provide excellent service
  • Protection against any and all on the job claims

Above and Beyond efficiency through parking systems

At AVC, our system of parking ensures the most efficient outcome, with limited waiting time for your clients and increased safety for your enterprise

Hotel and Resort Services

We are often your clients first encounter with any employees affiliated with your business, as such our staff are always prompt and amiable with clients, dressed in standard uniform clean and up to the task. Our purpose at AVC, is to make each client feel welcome at your business, and make sure we present ourselves in such a manner that your clients are willing to return again and again.

American Valet Company can customize our services to suit your parking and transportation needs.

  • Valet Parking
  • At the Door service
  • Keeping Tabs of any and all activity
  • Transportation and shuttle services
  • Over-seeing garage services
  • Do it yourself parking
  • Special Occasion parking services

Benefits of Partnering with American Valet Company

  • Efficient and Professional Service provided by a great team of employees
  • Well trained and friendly management providing excellent service
  • Covering your business against any and all claims


The most important part of your business is customer satisfaction, we ensure that your clients leave satisfied through our efficient and effective parking systems. We provide quicker and smoother check in and check out services, also aiding your hotel in taking control of loss prevention and all resources.

Occasion Services

No matter how well organized your occasion or event is, the wrong first impression can render it all moot. This is why your clients should be met and greeted by the pleasant services provided by our employees at American Valet Company.

AVC will make sure every client, from the first guest to the last guest, is welcomed with the same energy enthusiasm and professionalism. That is why we:

•Employees your occasion with pleasant, neatly groomed employees outfitted in sharp, clean and professional uniforms

•Look over your facility or the venue of your choice

•Provide a blueprint of ideas and plans for your event

•Give you a price estimate

•Protect you against any inconveniences or problems with insurance

We believe in starting and finishing strong.  American Valet Company occasion management employees will give you the assurance that your clients will be treated like honored guests from beginning to end… first impressions matter, but the final encounter closes the deal.

Mall Services

Our priority, is to make your mall easily accessible to your clients, increasing the flow of traffic and utilizing your resources to provide an amiable and shopping time for your clients. American Valet Company can provide a shopping time that will ensure repeated visits by clients and increased visits to your mall.

When it comes to our valet services, we make sure our employees are ready at a moment’s notice, equipped with the skills necessary to make sure all aspects of your parking facility are well kept and safe areas are safe and maintained.

Hospital/Healthcare Services

Each medical facility, and health care center are different, with their differences we can offer personalized responses to any and all problems.

Advantages of parking technologies for hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare facilities include:

Efficient and faster parking time for patients, along with quicker departure time for patients leaving

Added visitor and client comfortability

Restaurant Parking

AVC knows that the impression your restaurant makes is not solely placed on the in-house staff and food, it begins when they pull in to the establishments parking facility. Your clients will judge you not only on your food and service in the restaurant, but also on the service they receive when your parking services is attending to them.

This is why it is important for a restaurant to have exceptional parking as a benefit to the business, it can only accentuate and build your clientele.

American Valet Company has the assets to make your parking space a boon to your business. AVC can help you not only keep your current clients, but will also give you a leg up on your competition.

 Cooperate Answers

In the corporate field, our employees will provide your business with a professional, and well-kept image. Polished and exceptionally prepared for the job, our staff purports an energetic and amiable service. American Valet Company can offer your cooperation the service it deserves, to be a benefit to your business.

Depending on your needs, our detailed parking and transportation answers can free your company from the responsibilities of providing parking lot and garage management, shuttle transportation and valet services.

  • Parking for clients and staff, including valet service
  • Keep tabs of any and all activity
  • Transportation and Shuttle Services
  • Monitoring activity within your garage
  • Opportunities for business occasions, parties, etc.

Neighborhood Occasions, Domestic Occasions and Private Occasions

When it comes to your Special Occasion, we believe that only the best will do. From the moment your clients arrive, you can be sure that American Valet Company will assist in making your occasion one to remember. Whether your occasion calls for thousands of clients or fifty, we have the answers and tools to ensure a trouble free occasion.

Monitoring your Garage and Do it yourself parking

We monitor your garage, keeping it clean and in top condition in order to provide you and your clients with excellent quality service. Our staff patrol the premises ensuring that signs and paths are visible and orderly, directing traffic for efficient service.

  • Keeping up with care and order
  • Operating and maintaining tolls
  • Insurance to cover any and all problems that may arise during the course of the job.

Safety in parking is priority. Not only do we provide an efficient service, we provide a safe service also. We ensure that your clients and their vehicles are in more than capable hands, and also protect your business from false claims and losses. Our parking systems provide for greater control of false claims.

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