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Airport Transportation

AMERICAN VALET COMPANY provides driver services to transport guests or employees to and from the airport, off-site parking, points of interest, and other areas. In addition, at several hospitality locations.

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AMERICAN VALET COMPANY'S concierge services answer to any needs expressed by guests, employees or visitors—from providing driving directions and ordering flowers and more.

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Valet Parking

AMERICAN VALET COMPANY can manage and improve all of your property's self-parking assets. Our focus includes ticket control, automation, and resolution, parking concierges and staffing.

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Our Services

Casino Services

Give your clients the attention and respect they deserve as valued supporters of your casino. Through hour valet, shuttle and other services, we guarantee your clients get excellent service each encounter they visit. Through our efficient use of your parking space and resources, your casino will receive the benefits of positive customer reviews

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Hotel and Resort Services

We are often your clients first encounter with any employees affiliated with your business, as such our staff are always prompt and amiable with clients, dressed in standard uniform clean and up to the task. Our purpose at AVC, is to make each client feel welcome at your business, and make sure we present ourselves in such a manner that your clients are willing to return again and again.

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Event Services

When a guest arrives at a wedding, corporate function, grand opening or birthday extravaganza, the greeting sets the tone.  Even the best planned event can be diminished by a poor first impression.  That’s why your guests need to be welcomed by the superior and engaging approach of AVC’s event management professionals.

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Cooperate Answers

In the corporate field, our employees will provide your business with a professional, and well-kept image. Polished and exceptionally prepared for the job, our staff purports an energetic and amiable service. American Valet Company can offer your cooperation the service it deserves, to be a benefit to your business.

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  • American Valet Company has been an exciting addition to Business. Customers appreciate the convenience of the service, but more importantly, the attendants are courteous, careful, efficient, and offer directions to those who are lost. I could not ask for a better Valet service."

    AVC Client

  • Since hiring American Valet Company, I have received numerous comments from our guests relating to the courtesy and professionalism of our valet service. I would recommend American Valet Company to any other establishment looking for a dependable and exemplary valet service. "

    AVC Client

Our Clients